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Kuchipudi is the classical dance of Andhra Pradesh. This art flourished during the reign of the Satavahanas (2nd century BC).


Etikoppaka Toys

Etikoppaka is famous for its age-old tradition of wooden carvings, artefacts resembling shapes of items from Mohenjedaro and Harappa.


Ponduru Khaddar

World's finest Khadi is produced here in Ponduru and exported to various countries like America, Denmark, Japan and Sweden


Budithi Brassware

In Budithi, life revolves around creating beautiful shapes from alloys ranging from charmingly traditional items to elegantly modern ones

With a coastline of 970 km, Andhra Pradesh has the second largest coastline in India. It has many exotic Beaches which can overwhelm the tourist with their captivating and enchanting beauty. Many tourists visit the state to experience these rich gifts of nature.


Ramakrishna Beach

It is one of the most prominent beaches on the East Coast and the most happening place in Vizag


Manginapudi Beach

This Scenic beauty and historic port city is just perfect to spend some time in solitude amidst natural beauty.


Mypadu Beach

The brilliant coastline of the Nellore district makes its beach sites one of the most luring sites for beach lovers.

Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu, the most endeared Emperor Laureate of the erstwhile Vijayanagar Empire comprising southern India extending into the present Odisha ruled between 1509-1529 Christian Era and was reverently called Andhra Bhoja (The Bountiful Royal Patron of Andhra Pradesh) . He was not only famous as a valiant warrior and a champion for the welfare of his subjects but also as the greatest kingly contributor to literature being a litterateur himself.. He was fervidly religious minded, constructed many temples and donated bountifully that stand testimony to his greatness till this date. He remains non-pareil in history for his boundless loving care of his subjects, his humility towards seniors and regardful respects for the learned and savants of literature and knowledge among other things. The supremacy of his Lordship can be adduced from the facts that the Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have officially celebrated the 500th Coronation Anniversary of His Royal Majesty in 2010 and that the people of the region treasure in their hearts his contributions to the commonweal of the masses of this region which stands to benefit therefrom for many more centuries to come.


  • Vacancies for Lead Consultant and Consultant for Events, Fairs and Festivals

Last Date extended till 25th-Dec-2016

The Consultant (Events, Fairs and Festivals) will lead and be in command of the events, fairs and festivals wing of the Department of Tourism. This wing will be responsible for conduct of events, fairs and festivals in Andhra Pradesh as well as outside AP wherever required, showcasing the unique facets of Andhra Pradesh history, heritage, art, culture, handicrafts, cuisines, natural spots, tourist destinations, and any other related items with the ultimate objective of making these events, fairs and festivals as tourist events/festivals and attract maximum number of tourists from across the globe in the shortest possible time.

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